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Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:18 AM

Ohmygod! This blog's getting so dead. Bi seems too busy to post. So i should keep it alive! :D Today he's finally back to school after about 4months of suspension. I missed you so much man! Now that you'r back, i hope everything would turn out fine yup. Goodluck bi! Remember what i've said; if we are meant to be, nothing will bring us apart. :) Loveeeeee, Naomi

Monday, August 24, 2009 6:00 AM

Now, hereby where this URL that i will be placing next, i'll prove you wrong, "haha" by the judgement of all people :) http://i-wenwen.blogspot.com - Stephanie's blog, claimed as "wennwenn".

Since you are so audacious enough to write those insults/comments, i don't see why weren't you able to clearly state your name and place Stephanie's blog link as well? It's okay, i've already done you that favour. Let's see who will most likely be at the losing end after viewers compared her blog and mine :) For this tag you've written, i want to stress that, if you'r saying about her name, she has once told me that she doesn't mind about it. In additional, that name is so extremely common. It's no big deal even if i use it. Futhermore, i don't even use it anymore except that some of my friends calls me that. Stop making a din here. It only disgraces you. -.-

As for those part whereby you spoked about sex and stuff. You'r nobody to hear my explanation. :) Nor do i need to elaborate anything for you. Next time get your informations verified or cleared before making a fool of yourself here. Tyvm.

& Thanks to those who spoke up for me :) .

1:54 AM

To haha?!

Hi ! Thanks for visiting this blog(;
But that doesnt mean you can say anything you like here(;
First, what she copy, take the original piece & take Naomi's piece to compare. Lets those readers see which shits she copy.
"COPYING ONLY MANIFEST YOUR QUANTITY OF INNOVATION" You saying she referring to herself ? Idk do you fail your english. MANIFEST YOUR. YOUR. Not her. If she's saying herself. She rather say MANIFEST MY . Study hard yea!

Second ,
ah black , her name is ****ing smellyyyyy!! i suggest u dont be with her but nobody can stop u . in the end u will regret cause she is a ***** !

Her name is smelly ? Thats just what you think. I dont think so. If you think her name is smelly, you can jolly well get off. Get a perfume and spray on your name. :D Of cause no one can stop me! :D
I wont regret! Shes a***** ! 5 STAR ! Why would i regret having a 5 star girlf ! She's a *****. 5 star hotel ! :D

look at her her age onli 13 ! and underage sex ? horny !! next time can be pornstar !! and see how many haters she have . i pity her , such a long way more yet havingg many haters at young age !!

Having sex means of cause horny ! Dont tell me while your parents is having sex giving birth to a childish freak like you wont horny ? Or maybe they just stone there and insert in and out! If having sex , next time can be a porn star. From this sentence, your mommy is a pornstar ? o.o How many haters she have. Name me out. & i name how many non-haters she have.
I pity you too. Such a young age know how to make a fool of yourself by saying comments that i can easily say back. No kik .

Have fun !

Friday, August 21, 2009 6:33 AM

Baby's out to work!
Bibi, must quickly come back and rest okay. You must be tired after missing your beauty sleep for so many hours. :( Must drink water, must eat eat and eat, must miss ME :D HAHAHAHA.

Sorry for what happened this afternoon, i hope you feel much better now.
Though conflicts we had were quite an abundant amount, but i believe all these quarrels we had will eventually pull us closer together :) Hopefully, everything will return to the peaceful way, like it used to soon. Short post for today, will update more soon! Stay tuned people! ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:35 PM

Hi people !
Well , this blog is still so quiet . Not many people have found out this blog .
Umm . Bi ! :D
HI HI *Waves ! 7 & ½ more hours i can see you alr ! Im not going sleep , i scared i cant wake up . ):
Heh . Hope you're sleeping soundly . How great is it to be beside you(;
Wouldn't it be nice ~
Rofl .
Alright . Cya tmr bi ! Love ya lots .

Ahblack always loving you(;

3:24 AM

I love my bi ! :o
She's so adorable & sweet . Heh .
She's singing now . LOL .
Thanks bi for the blog . <3 i love you.


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